Digital Tools that Make a Difference

As we have a day to work together in Buena, NJ, we will begin by reading Karen Janowski’s post, It’s Not About the Tools it’s about the Possibilities. Karen writes about differentiation, engagement and accessibility in plain terms and brings home the idea that UDL is really just good teaching and an attempt at reaching all of our students.

The Free Technology Toolkit for UDL in all Classrooms is also from Karen and we will spend some time looking at the tools that might help us reach the goals we set when we met weeks ago. Our goals included alternative assessments and these resources are an excellent place to start.

The SmartBoard Revolution Ning contains a wealth of information that we can bring back to your classrooms. We’ll begin by focusing on the Lesson Activity Toolkit, the SmartBoard Recorder, and the Senteos, but from there it’s all about what your specific objectives are.

I’m looking forward to a great exploration today.

Freehold Day 2

As we work together to increase our UDL activity database, we are going to continue to use Delicious to remain organized. The more familiar we are with the strategies we can use to remove the barriers that keep our students from meeting their learning objectives, the more likely we are going to be to determine what type of tool or material will help them in the classroom or at home. But if we don’t remain organized and familiar with the tools we review and feel comfortable with, we won’t be able to make them available to our students so that they can experience success.

Some of the resources we’re going to use today are:

Special Education Technology

Thinking UDL

The BC UDL Learning Object Repository